MyStaffmark is a web based application which lets the employees and applicants of Staffmark to perform certain tasks over the internet.

Staffmark Employees can able to do different kinds of tasks through Staffmark Login such as search and apply for jobs, view or print online statements, retrieve electronic copy of W2, update information in your employee file, update your availability, and gain access to Staffmark employee resources.

Whereas Staffmark Applicants will be allowed to do start and submit a new application and update and submit an application progress. My Staffmark can easily be accessible through the online portal

MyStaffmark Login Instructions for Employees

To access this online portal, you can go through below step by step procedure for logging into the existing account to gain all available benefits when you're serving as a current employee at Staffmark organization. The guidelines included as follows:
  • Go to official website address
    You need to visit official website address from your preferred web browser either using a desktop or mobile device. 
  • Provide login credentials
    Once you've entered into the login page, you're required to type in login credentials information subsumed email address and password on respective fields. These login details were provided when you've started your application and the password you've created at that time. 
  • Press login button
    After providing login credentials information, you need to click on login button for accessing all employee benefits such as view or apply for jobs, view pay stubs information, etc. If you're not able to recall or forgot your password, you can click on forgot password link which is available underneath the login credentials information. It helps to recover your password for MyStaffmark Login account.

MyStaffmark Sign Up Process

If you don't have an existing account at, you can register an account very easily within a couple of steps. For that, you just follow below steps such as:
  • Visit official website address
    Enter official website address after launching web browser either on a desktop or laptop. 
  • Click on sign up button
    You need to go to sign up button which is available underneath the login credential fields.
  • Provide your personal information details
    Once you're getting into the login page, you need to enter your personal details like your name, last name, your social security number, and email address. If you find any difficulty or facing any issue with the process of registering or logging into the account, you can call the applicant & employee support telephone line at 855-801-845 or submit a letter on for getting a faster response.

MyStaffmark Employee Benefits

Through Staffmark Employee Login, employees can able to gain all resources that you need. Available benefits included search available positions, wage statements and W2s, update your availability, Staffmark employee resources, and update your personal information.
  • Search available positions
    Based on your Staffmark Employee account, you can search for any available position by state and city. You can get to view a list of available jobs and click on a particular titled job to know more details about that position. From this web page only, you can able to apply for a job, or go back to your search results or enter a new search or return to a home page. 
  • Update your availability
    Through an availability screen, you can able to view the last time that you've indicated your availability. By clicking on update button, you can easily change your availability of time. 
  • Update your personal information
    Here in this section, you can find 8 steps to update the following areas of your personal information. The areas included education, skills, personal contact information, work history, placement preferences, financial information, languages, and W-2 delivery option. If you've selected W-2 delivery option, you need to visit Staffmark Employee site and select the W-2 reprint link to retrieve your W-2. 
  • Staffmark Employee resources
    In this category, you can find a wide range of resources and tools which included individual time sheets, Staffmark Employee guide, employee benefits and information, information on pay options, and how to access online pay stubs or online wages. 
  • Wage statements and W2s
    Using Employee Login portal, you can access your wage statements online for any time period as well as download an electronic pay of all W2s available. To retrieve wage statements and W2s, you need to select a particular date from the check date drop down menu and click on the download check link. 
  • My Account
    You can also review your account and get to know about the last date that you made yourself available. You can update your email address as well as change your password. You can also subscribe to your job notification emails and view jobs for which you've expressed interest. 
  • W-2 Electronic delivery registration
    If you would like to receive W-2 delivery statements online but don't want to go through 8-step process of updating your information. You can use quick Sign Up process to get W-2 statement online today. These are typically available online than paper W-2s that need to be mailed out. 
  • Additional resources
    Additional resources tab consists of Staffmark's complete equal opportunity employer statements. MyStaffmark Support line doesn't provide any information on particular requests like Skylight paycard issues, Skylight password resets, W-2 reprints, and online wage statement access.

Logging into Mystaffmark Online Application - New Applicants

If you're a new applicant and want to create an account at, you need to click on sign up which will be routed to the registration form of application. In that application, you need to use a valid email address and create a challenging password that you can remember. 

Once you've created an account, you can go to official website address from your web browser. Now, you can enter email address and password that you've provided when you started the application. If you do not able to recall or forgot your password, you can get a help from forgot link.